Be loud! Women for peace

Frauen für den Frieden

Be loud! Women for peace



In September 2024, the theatre play SEID DOCH LAUT about the GDR opposition group will be performed at the Bautzner Straße memorial. The three planned performances will take place in the memorial's ballroom. Unlike the theatre building, this venue is not neutral. The place has a history that does not apply to the presentation of theatre. We are overwriting this place by placing the memoirs of the Peace Women in the foreground, their actions and not the Stasi narrative. In March 1982, the People's Chamber of the GDR passed a law that enabled the inclusion of women in general conscription. Seven women formulated a petition with 130 signatures from all over the GDR, which they sent to party and state leader Erich Honecker in October 1982. The campaign is regarded as the founding act of "Women for Peace". Most of the women in the group lived in Berlin and organised various protest actions from there. However, over the course of the 1980s, "Women for Peace" groups were founded throughout the GDR, including in Dresden. Here, the group grew quickly from a circle of friends of young mothers who led the working group on the topic "What can women do against militarisation?".

The following women are known to us from the opposition archive of the Robert Havemann Society: Elisabeth Kanske, Ulrike Schollmeyer, Monika Wolf and Beate Naumann.

We would very much like to get in touch with them and other women from the group. We would therefore like to use this appeal to invite everyone to contact the Bautzner Straße memorial centre who were active themselves or who know or knew women from the group.

Alexandra Finder and the creative team of SEID DOCH LAUT would like to thank you very much for your help.

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