Enemy Brothers

Ukrainische Flaggen, Mai 2022

Enemy Brothers

Russian-Ukrainian relations throughout history and the current war in Ukraine

On 6 April, Lieutenant Colonel Holger Hase, Chairman of Denk Mal Fort! e. V., tried to classify the images of war that reach us daily in the news from a military perspective and presented the historical development and foundation of the state of Ukraine in the 20th century.

We would like to thank Lieutenant Colonel Holger Hase for making his presentation available to us and thus to all those interested. In addition to the presentation, the memorial offers a recording of the event. You can find the recording in the media library of the memorial.

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The staff of the Bautzner Straße Memorial are deeply affected by the current events in Ukraine. Thousands of civilians have been injured or killed, millions of people are on the run. The unthinkable is also happening: Hospitals and maternity wards are being bombed. Human rights violations are on the Russian agenda.
All these are reasons for the memorial to support the campaign "Medicines for the Little Ones". A donation box has been available at the museum ticket office since April. Those who want to donate online can use betterplace or transfer money directly:



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