"Hello! You are under arrest"

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"Hello! You are under arrest"

Get to know the memorial with a walk-in radio play


Only in German


The walk-in radio play can be borrowed at the museum ticket office.

Please note that due to the current hygiene measures, you cannot follow all instructions in the radio play. This includes, for example, entering cells and offices and touching objects.


"Hello! You are under arrest!" is a walk-in radio play that leads into a fictional GDR prison world. Participants go through the apparatus of dictatorship. Prison inmates talk about their everyday life, about humiliation, their anger and resignation. But the perpetrators also have a voice, be it a fanatical overseer or the lieutenant colonel during interrogation. The revolution is lurking for its chance and in the finale events roll over. Individual building blocks of the plot are based on real people, their expressions and historical events. The "interrogation protocols" of the regime critic Jürgen Fuchs, for example, are used, as are descriptions of former prisoners or quotes from people from contemporary history.

The texts are spoken by well-known Dresden actors such as Hilmar Eichhorn, Anna Mateur, Tom Quaas and many others.

Script and direction: Harriet Maria and Peter Meining
Sound design: Nikolaus Woernle
Technique: Thomas Strich

The walk-in radio play “Hello! You are arrested” was funded by the Office for Culture and Monument Protection of the City of Dresden and the Dresden Cultural Foundation of the Dresdner Bank.