STASI. The GDR State Security Exhibition

Plate with symbols of the Soviet secret service KGB and the secret service of the GDR STASI

STASI. The GDR State Security Exhibition

Permanent exhibition

The exhibition documents the history of the Ministry for State Security of the GDR (MfS). As the “shield and sword of the party”, the MfS secured the rule of the Socialist Unity Party (SED) for almost 40 years. The MfS was a domestic secret police, investigative authority and foreign intelligence service in one. It was under the sole control of the SED leadership.

In nine chapters, the exhibition deals with the ideology, structure and mode of operation of the MfS. It traces the development of the apparatus and provides information about the fields of activity as well as full-time and unofficial employees of the MfS. Particular attention is paid to the methods of the MfS. State security initially proceeded with overt harshness, but from the 1970s onwards it increasingly used "quiet" methods. The goal remained the same: to prevent inappropriate and system-critical thinking and action.

The exhibition is on permanent loan from the Federal Commissioner for Stasi Records.