Szenisches Konzert- eine satirische Kantate ''Antiformalistischer Rajok''


The memorial is part of the local and international museum landscape and regularly takes part in the International Museum Day in May, the summer Museum Night, and the Open Monument Day in September. On December 5th, the memorial commemorates the occupation of the Dresden State Security Center in 1989 by Dresden citizens.

We organize lectures, panel discussions, and performances in cooperation with partners from the fields of culture, education, and politics. The thematic framework is formed by the reference to fundamental and human rights, through which the connection to current political and social developments can be established.

Photo: "Antiformalist Rajok" by Dmitri Shostakovich in the ballroom of the memorial, Moritz Dürr (speaker), Martin-Jan Nijhof (chairman), Dresden Symphony Choir – Extra Choir of the Semperoper Dresden, ©Semperoper Dresden/Daniel Koch

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