DAVE-Beyond the Club

Rosa Anschütz, Deutsche Oper, Schatzgräber, Foto: Eva Luise Hoppe

DAVE-Beyond the Club

Closing event of the DAVE Festival
18:00 - 21:00


Beyond the Club - DAVE Festival

Beyond the Club", the grand finale of the DAVE Festival, features electronic sound sculptures and captivating visuals in dialogue with impressive architecture. Every year, the format moves out of the clubs and into places that are rather unusual for club culture. After the Martin Luther Church, the Kreuzkirche and the Schauspielhaus, "Beyond the Club" will take place for the first time in 2022 at the Bautzner Straße Memorial.

A setting made for UMWELT from Lyon, who, together with visual artist EFREN MIR, will revive the time of the rave pioneers. ROSA ANSCHÜTZ from Vienna and Berlin again combines guitar, bass, drum machine and modular synthesiser with her hypnotic voice, creating ethereal spheres of sound.

"Beyond the Club" is the grand finale event of DAVE, the festival for club culture. As the name suggests, (not only) electronic musicians perform in a location that is rather untypical for club culture. After the festival made stops at the Martin Luther Church, the Kreuzkirche and the Schauspielhaus in recent years with "Beyond the Club", it will move to the Bautzner Straße Memorial in 2022. Guests can look forward to a unique sound cosmos that is also supported by impressive visuals. The result is an exclusive cooperation with regional visual artists and international sound artists - in a unique setting. "Beyond the Club" is a highlight in Dresden's cultural programme, as exciting artists visit the city whose experimental productions do not always find a suitable performance setting.

Admission 17:30
Start 18:00

UMWELT + Efren Mur (Lyon/Berlin)
Rosa Anschütz (Berlin/Vienna)
Grand River & Marco Ciceri present FOG (live A/V, Berlin)  

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